Stone Coated Panel Production Line

Stone Coated Panel Production Line is used to produce the stone coated tile for steel roofing. The stone coated panel production line can make many types off the panels, such as,  the graceful curves of BARREL-VAULT TILE, the wood grain of PINE-CREST SHAKE metal shake roofing, the sleek metal shingles low-profile finish of GRANITE-RIDGE,  and COTTAGE shingles , the timeless beauty of PACIFIC TILE.For the stone coated panel, there are 3 layers, one layer is the galvanized sheet with anti corrosion, glue, sand stone. Stone-coated steel roofing is finished with a thick layer of stone that permanently adheres to the surface and provides the decorative look. Stone coated panel production line is a long machine line, with below details: Decoiler, slitting and cut to length ,Trimming machine,6. Punching machine ,Sand blasting and glue coated machine.

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