Shutter Door U Side Channel Rollforming Line

Shutter Door U Side Channel Machine is used to produce the sliding door track for the roll-up shutter doors. The shutter door slide in the U guide while opening and closing. The Galvanized roll-formed track roll forming machine is full automatic controlling system. Great for use on security grilles.For the U guide channel, there are different types, one kind is with fiber inside, with the fiber, the U side guide is sound-proof while the shutters slides in the U guide. For the designing of the U guide machine, there can be designed as chain transmission, gear box transmission and so on.Guide systems are essential for the correct use and safety of a sliding door. The most popular systems are fulllength ground channels (the same total of metres as the top track) with guides fixed to the bottom of the door. Alternatively, under door channels, wall or ground guides can be used.

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