Steel Storage Shelf System Rollformer

Steel Storage Shelf System Machine is a light or heavy rollformer line which include the electric press punching system, leveling system, main roll forming machine system and hydraulic cutting system. The Steel Storage Shelf System Machine  can produce the upright rack system, the beam, step beam system, and related shelf parts channels and connectors. such as, Selective pallet racking structures , Structural Pallet Racking,Cantilever Rack systems,The Drive in/Drive-Thru pallet racking system,push back racking system ,carton flow racking system,Catwalk systems,Hannibal Patent Pending TubeRack system,Pallet Flow Storage systems. Steel Storage Shelf System Machine designed with the best technology from Italy, German, with best material Cr12 or Gcr15 mov, gear box transmission. 

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