Light Duty Supermarket Pillar Rollformer

Light Duty Supermarket Pillar roll forming Machine can produce light duty uprights and beams and shelf panels. such as  slotted angle rack, toys rack, silencer rack, mezzanine floor rack and louver panel system and slotted angle bolt less system. Light Duty Supermarket Pillar Machine also make the racks for book rack, super sotre rack, , wall rack, condola rack and end mod rack, perforated rack system, and pillar rack channel, hanging rack. Light Duty Supermarket Pillar Machine can produce the rack , beam, panel widely used in different field, such as warehouse, file storage, book rack storage, medeicial rack storage,work table, tool table, cash counter, vegetable rack and trolley basket rack system.Light Duty Supermarket Pillar roll forming Machine with the punching holes system before roll forming the final frame, Including, hydraulic de-coiler, leveling system, main roll forming machine, turkey head straigntening system, hydraulic system and automatic receiving table.

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